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Niagara Falls and pic of Canada’s border :)
For some reason I actually want to go to school. Anyways, merged some Duckcoin PRs, hats off to @ArcadeWise! Apparently I have a maple tree in front of my house :eggsdee: Canada moment. Also hosted the crypto call today. I can now say I am officially rich because Christina tipped me 5 dollars worth of doge: 17 doge :dogecoin: Also, huge thanks to @msw for helping me with a certain problem in my plans to decentralize duckcoin and still let it be easily mine-able. I think I have it all mostly figured out. Duckcoin had zero monetary value right now and if you’re mining it you’re wasting your computer’s processing power but Belle said β€œnot with that attitude” so I guess: Duckcoin to the πŸŒ™ πŸš€ :eggsdee:
For people that are normally active, you might have heard me once or twice ~definitely not 10+ times~ talk about a history assignment. This assignment is the rising factor of why I haven’t been coding for the past bit, BUT I AM PROUD TO SAY ITS DONE. I know this isn’t necessarily scrapbook worth content, but there is literally nothing else I have done. Anyways, over my Spring Break next week, should be more active with ships!!
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I finally placed the PCB order ^~^ :summer-of-making: -> :aom: -> Eternity of Making? :sam-1: Also, Digikey 1 day shipping in Canada for only $8?! What is this madness!
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Just got the Humanitarian Activist Award in Canada for the humanoid robot we built with @edwardphirijr698 :) thank you! Hackclub for the hardware
i have decided i will fill my scrapbook with memes i make. Here is the first one cause @rishi is fam
really loving you canada /s