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Helping out a friend with how to connect an led to the Arduino and how to make it blink :)
Hack Club's first unofficial face mask.
https://cloud-c7oml9vqv.vercel.app/0img_20201116_201839.jpg https://cloud-c7oml9vqv.vercel.app/1img_20201116_201906.jpg
had a debate today! first off the tournament (5ish weeks) and we won 🎉 motion was that the government should pay cash bonuses to parents whose children significantly improve their grades at school. we were negative team. s/o to @23neil.g and @arsh7chetana
Today I did more small things: codelabs project, hardware grants and a scrappy bug fix! Me and @vitaliy172 just spent hours getting his hardware to ship (fun lol). And here are some photos from me collecting my monthly mask rations! This time I got two reusable masks instead of one and I could get them from a vending machine. The new masks are lighter and more breathable though they don't have as great of a fit as last months... also the government went light mode! 😷 (third one for the photography contest)
https://cloud-5er7v4m8w.vercel.app/020200716_132950.jpg https://cloud-5er7v4m8w.vercel.app/120200716_132118.jpg https://cloud-5er7v4m8w.vercel.app/220200716_132516.jpg https://cloud-5er7v4m8w.vercel.app/320200716_124940.jpg