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🔉 🔊 📣 Time to round off the trifecta with my lil project built on @caleb’s API: hear the Slack! Built on top of NextJS, Howler, Geist and a custom sound selection, I made a generative music website that responds to the interactions from channels that @JoeBunyan’s in! Here’s the basic algorithm: there’s a sound selection of 32 pads, synths, strings, vocal chops and a bunch of other goodies (randomly selected at build time & pretuned to one key) that get distributed into a sort of virtual grid. Every time a message comes through the WS stream, it gets hashcoded and split up into a coordinate system, which is then distributed across the grid to make a half-decent sounding live performance! It looks super cool when paired up with @matthewgleich’s amazing Raspi creation, and you can check it out at hear.hackclub.dev; source is up at github.com/hackclub/joebunyan/tree/main/sounds! demo: hackclub.slack.com/files/UHFEGV147/F02AJT2QMDZ/image_from_ios.mov
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